Therapy New Port Richey, FL

Therapy New Port Richey, FL

Therapy New Port Richey, FL

Therapy New Port Richey, FL

Therapy New Port Richey, FL


What is the purpose and function of therapy?

A) To provide environment that is safe and confidential.

B) To provide professional guidance for a person or people to create change related to problematic beliefs, behaviors, feelings, or relationship issues. (Therapist can be a guide, teacher, or consultant).

C) To help people cope with difficult situations. Life can be traumatic when unexpected changes occur.

D) To have someone listen. Sometimes people just want a place to speak openly about issues that have been problematic for them and often find that just being able to speak about issues is very cleansing or cathartic.

E) To provide support for the client. Support may be just listening and understanding, but it may also be guidance to resources and/or community involvement.

That is more of a formal explanation. It is helpful to explore your life and your thoughts about your life. I would like to see all people be empowered to be their best. That is my goal for you.

If you are a cash client, the sliding scale starts at 70.00 and goes up to 120.00

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Counseling can be:

A mirror, a way to really look at yourself and how your actions have taken you to where you are now.

A shift: a quote from Shakespeare ”.. for there is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so.”

So in changing your perception about a situation, you change how you feel and this is the core of Cognitive Therapy, which is my main method of counseling.

A sounding ground: A place to speak your mind without being judged, many people find talking out loud to a professional can have tremendous effect in a short period of time.

An investment in yourself and possibly one of the best you will ever make.

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Possibilities rather than problems is the focus here

You can bring your favorite drink (of course not alcohol as you will probably driving and want to have a clear head anyway). Try it, you might like it. And if not, I will be happy to refer you to something or someone else that may work better for you.


Conditions and situations where counseling can help

 - Therapy for depression, sadness, anxiety and bipolar

 - Counseling for stress reduction, relaxation, breathing techniques

 - Treatment for better communication, anger management, and coping patterns

 - Relationships, relationship therapy, co-dependency and relationship patterns

 - Family therapy and family dynamics

 - Exploration of emotions and feelings

 - Holistic treatment, life coaching, life confusion and life direction

 - Mind, body and spirit counseling

 - Mediation


Areas I serve

I am based in New Port Richey in Pasco County, Florida and I am close to the following areas:

New Port Richey, Port Richey, Hudson, Bayonet Point, Elfers, Holiday, Beacon Square, Tarpon Springs and Trinity.



Please click on my intake form, print and complete. Bring the form with you on your first appointment.


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